The basic exhibition

What was it like to live in a fishing village in the outer archipelago? What made seal hunting so exciting and what is a feather decoy? Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum’s main exhibition showcase the interesting history of the Åland Islands. At the museum, you get to learn about the fauna on the islands, the rise and fall of trawling, and how the Trout has come back and is now lekking in the streams of the Åland Islands.

The main exhibition exhibits the Åland Island’s nature, hunting and fishing culture. The main focus is on the different kinds of fishing, the spring-time bird hunting, the seal hunt as well as boats. The museum also displays hunting trophies as well as hunting rifles. At the Baltic herring market, children can play and the entire family can, together, also walk our quiz walk or play our Trout Route game! Or why not try to search for pearls, an activity we’ve had since the opening of the museum, in our sandpit in the courtyard? Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum is a medium-sized museum (or “lagom”, as we say in Swedish, which translates to “just right”) that is accessible for everyone. Feel free to stay for a long time and revisit us often!

Do not miss out on: The home-built motor sledge – the blueprint of today’s snow scooter.

Do not miss out on 2: The seal hunting rifles in all different designs that differ depending on who made them.

TIP: In order to be able to look through our exhibition in peace, play with your kids, visit our museum shop and enjoy the outside scenery, plan accordingly, so that you have enough time. That way you also get to enjoy the sea, the red granite rocks, the geo path, the fishing village, to soak up the view from the steps of the museum or to step onboard our salmon fishing boat Svanö. Bring a picnic or visit one of the many restaurants and cafés located in Eckerö.

Summer Exhibits

Every summer we host a few special exhibits that relate to hunting, fishing and nature. 

The summer of 2022 we host the following exhibit:


Right outside of the museum, there is the geo path “Through ice and fire”. The path recounts the geological history of the Åland Islands and is a 350-meter-long walk that takes you on a journey 2000 million years back in time. Along the path, you get to see the different rocks from different eras while walking alongside the beautiful boat houses and ending up at the very edge of the cliff, facing the sea. If you are a “Geocacher”, this walk is for you! 


The fishing boat was built on the Åland Islands by Hammarland fisherman Rolf Häggblom and his son Lars. The boat was built under 130 days, is 12 meters long and 4 meters wide. The boat, which was launched in Marsund, Hammarland in 1970, could during its time in use, go 9 knots using to a 73 horse power Valment-motor. The boat was gifted to the museum in 1996 and now stands outside the museum and can also be visited when the museum is closed. For those children visiting the boat, accompanying adults are responsible for the child’s supervision.