Opening hours 2024

14.5-23.6 Tuesday – Sunday 10-17 (alt 10 am – 5 pm etc)

24.6-18.8 Monday – Sunday 10-17

19.8-1.9 Tuesday -Sunday 10-17

NB Midsummer eve 21.6 CLOSED

Visits outside these hours or during our off-season can be made by calling +358 (0)40 5886716 or by sending an email to


Adult 8 €
Seniors 5 €

Student 5 €
Children 7-17 years 5 €
Children under the age of 7 Free entrance

Family ticket 20 € (2 adults and children)
Hunter annual card 10 €
Adult group over 10 people 5 € per person
School group 3,50 € per person (including teachers and accompanying adults)

Guided tour 90 € /group/hour + entrance
(Finnish) Museum card 72 €, museum card extending the validity 68 €

Bus drivers, assistants/companions and registered guides are given free entrance to the museum.
Free entrance for those with ICOM cards or gift cards.

The museum also accepts wellness coupons and Eckerö activity tickets.

Off-season we open the museum for groups at a minimum payment of 90 €.


You can find anything from fishing lures, local handicrafts, souvenirs, postcards to posters in our museum shop, Havsboden. Here you may also find books about fishing and hunting as well as nature, the history of the Åland Islands and sights. For those wishing to leave the museum with a new cuddly friend, we also sell stuffed animals, including squirrels, foxes, pikes – to only name a few. Keychains, magnets and mugs are also included in our museum shop’s extensive supply. You are of course more than welcome to visit the museum shop, no entrance fee needed! The museum shop is open during the museum’s opening hours.


We make it a priority for everyone to be able to enjoy Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum and we are constantly working to improve our accessibility.


For those visiting us with disabilities: The museum is accessible for persons with mobility disabilities. You are able to access the museum by ramps both inside and outside. Inside the museum, there is also a toilet accessible for persons with disabilities. The ramps inside the museum are pretty steep, however, we may assist you if you need any help. You can access almost the entire museum by wheelchair. Any personal assistants or companions do not need to pay any entrance fee. Assistance and guide dogs are also welcome to visit the museum and need not pay any entrance fee.


Parking close to the entrance: We have a parking spot dedicated to those with disabilities. It is located next to the outdoor ramp, right side of the road if you are travelling in the direction from Käringsundsvägen. Turn to the right after the three flag poles. There you will find a parking sign indicating the parking spot.


Doors: We, unfortunately, do not have an automatic door opener, but you may ring the doorbell next to the entrance in order to have our personnel come and hold the door open for you! Inside the museum, all doors are open. There are almost no thresholds in the museum.

In the reception, there is a hearing amplifier.

Map over the museum: We have a map over the museum, showing all the different exhibitions, which may help you make any preparations before visiting us. There are ramps connecting the level differences of the museum.


Visitors with small children: If you have a pram or a stroller, you can access the museum through our ramps. The museum also has a lendable stroller. Our toilets have a changing table, a children’s toilet seat and a potty.  

Allergies: The museum has a large number of taxidermy mounts. The mounts and the dust may trigger allergic reactions among those with allergies.

Pets and dogs: Pets are not allowed into the museum. However, assistant and guide dogs are, of course, welcome.

Toilets: By the reception, to the left when you enter the museum, there are two toilets: one for women and one for men. There is also a unisex toilet, which is also accessible for disabled people and can be used by those with small children.

Food and drinks: Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum does not have a café. However, in Käringsund, there are several cafés and restaurants that you may visit. You may eat your own food in the museum’s courtyard or on the steps at the entrance, facing the boathouses and the Sea of Åland. Eating inside of the museum is prohibited.

Storage and wardrobes: The museum does not have a wardrobe. There are some clothes hooks where you can leave your coat to the left of the entrance door. If you have a small bag, you can leave it at the reception. Prams and strollers are allowed in the museum and can also be parked outside the entrance or in our courtyard.

Photographs: Taking photographs is allowed in the museum, as long as you do not use flash. If you post on social media, remember to tag us! #jaktfiskemuseum #alandsjaktochfiskmuseum 


Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum is located in Käringsund fishing village on Eckerö, which is on the western part of the Åland Islands. You can visit our museum by car, bus, boat, walking or by cycling. There are two moorings in the guest harbour of Käringsund, which is just next to the museum.


Address: Fiskeläge 37 (Gamla Käringsundsvägen) 22270 Eckerö

If you are arriving at Berghamn with Eckerö Linjen or by bus, there is a lovely nature path which leads to the museum. The path is about 800 meters. From Mariehamn, you may follow Road 1 on the map. Käringsund is approximately 35 kilometres away from Mariehamn.


Parking: Bellow the museum, next to the wildlife safari Viltsafari, there is a parking lot. On this parking lot, there is no time limit and parking is free of charge. When you arrive at the museum from Käringsundsvägen you will see the museum on your right-hand side. The parking lot is located further down the road from the museum, to the left. Parking for those with disabilities is located right next to the museum. Take a turn to the right after passing the three flag poles. There you will find a parking sign, indicating the parking spot.


If you are travelling with Eckerö Linjen to Berghamn, there is a lovely nature path leading up to the museum. The path is approximately 800 meters.


If you are travelling from Mariehamn, follow road 1. Käringsund is approximately 35 kilometres away from Mariehamn.


If you are travelling by bus, get off at the roundabout next to Betty’s café or go down to the harbour in Berhamn. For both locations, the museum is approximately 1.5 kilometres away.