The museum may guide groups visiting the museum and share more information about the museum’s objects and exhibition. If you wish your group to be guided at the museum, you should notify the museum at least three days in advance of your visit. We are more than willing to tailor your visit in accordance with your wishes and needs. The museum guides in Swedish and English and the price is 90 € / group/hour + entrance. It is also possible to book a guide through Ålands Guider. They know the museum very well and are also able to guide in several different languages. +358 457 342 5333. You should, at the very least, reserve 45 minutes for your visit at the museum.


Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum is suitable for daycare and school visits and for children of all ages. Here you may learn more about the Åland Island’s fishing and hunting traditions and see different taxidermy mount of different animals (for those who are allergic, please note that the animals are not behind glass).

You may visit us on your own accord, use our teaching material on our website or reach out to us if you would like to plan your visit, so we can tailor your visit according to your wants and needs. You may reach us through our e-mail address:

For your visit, reserve at least 30-45 minutes. Visits can be planed from 9 am forward. Accompanying adults/teachers are responsible for the children’s supervision.   

If you choose to bring your own lunch bag or snack, you may eat it on the steps of the museum, in our courtyard or on the rocks close to the museum.


As a teacher, you can prepare yourself and your class for your visit at Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum. This teacher’s guide, which includes useful information about the museum and our exhibition, may help you prepare for your visit. You may also seek some inspiration for your upcoming visit by booking a guided tour. 

Childrens activities
  • Picture quiz (year 1-9)
  • Working in groups and further learning (year 3-9)
  • Animal quiz (year 1-3)