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The Åland Hunting and Fishing museum is situated in a choice location by the sea at Eckerö Käringsund. The museum describes the Ålanders' day-to-day life in former times - how hunters and fishermen provided for their families and how living in the archipelago was like. Texts and grayscale photographs complement the actual museum articles and describe life in a fishing village and markets and how people hunted seals and fished with a seine. There is also a large collectrion of stuffed birds and animals representing Åland's fauna.


The museum opened in 1995. The museum's board is focused on promoting the cultural development within hunting and fishing. The initiative to building the museum was taken by the support association for Åland Hunting and Fishing museum.


The museum was designed by architect Folke Wickström and is an interesting building with many nooks and crannies. The idea behind the building is that it should fit into its surroundings: the fishing village with its gray huts. The museum resides in a pristine location along the coastline of the Sea of Åland.


Most of the articles in the museum has been gathered by the Support Association for Åland Hunting and Fishing museum but some of the collection has come from private donations.

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Support association

The initiative for building the museum was taken by the Support Association for Ålands Hunting and Fishing museum. The association began collecting the articles in the 1970s. If you are interested in taking part in the association, please contact the museum.


If you wish to make a donation to the support association and support the museum, you can do so through Ålandsbanken. Account holder: Stödföreningen för Ålands Jakt & Fiskemuseum account number: FI0766010002301547


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